How Do You Fix a Slow Bathroom Drain?

You’ve seen it get worse over time. It may take a friend or other circumstances before you decide to fix your slow-draining sink.

What Causes a Slow Drain?

The most common reason for a slow drain is a clog. This can occur in the bathroom or kitchen sink due to a wide variety of things.

Causes of Clogged Drains

  • Soap scum
  • Hair
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Wipes that are not flushable
  • Excessive toilet paper
  • Tampons
  • Grease

Restricted food items, such as eggshells and coffee grounds, can be used to make celery, eggshells, and other foods.

Tree roots

Slow drains can also be caused by corroded or broken pipes, as well as P-trap issues.

How To Fix a Slow Bathroom Drain?

  1. Remove the pop-up: This is a good place to start if you need to fix a slow-draining sink. Remove any debris from around the sink if it has a pop up. This will allow you to determine if your drain is blocked.
  2. Zip-It tools are great: A zip-it tool works in the same way as a snake to remove large amounts of hair and debris from a sink drain. This tool can be used with drains that pop out, or not. It’s thinner than other snake-like tools.
  3. Use a drain cleaner: This is the common solution to slow-draining sinks, whether you make your own cleaner or buy one at the store. While there are many options that can be purchased at your local supermarket.

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