Controlling A Pantry Moth Invasion 

Pest infestations can be one of the worst things to deal with. If you have experienced a pantry moth infestation, you must know how frustrating it can be to watch your expensive food and groceries get ruined by insects. By taking a few helpful steps, you will be able to control the entry of moths and prevent them from developing an infestation. 

The number one step in the elimination process is still finding out that there is an infestation. Homeowners typically do not discover a moth invasion until they find out about the damage caused by the pantry moth larvae. To control an infestation and protect your family, contact Bossier City pest control today. 

Tips to control a pantry moth invasion 

  1. Regularly check your pantry. 

One of the most effective ways to make sure your house remains pest-free and moth-free is regular inspection. Leaving parts of your kitchen, including your pantry, unchecked or unclean for a long time can attract moths. It is easy for homeowners to have expired food on their pantry shelves. Checking the contents of your pantry and throwing out items you do not need can ensure that you are not providing moths with the undisturbed environment they desire. 

  1. Vacuum the area. 

Once you have discovered that there is a moth infestation in your pantry, the next step is cleaning it out properly. Take out everything from the pantry, including all the groceries, ingredients, containers, etc., and vacuum the place. Make sure not to leave out any space or corner. Do not forget about any drawers or other supports where moths may hide. 

  1. Set up moth traps. 

You may have heard about traps to catch rodents like rats and mice. However, there are traps for moths as well. There are various types of moth-trapping devices available in the market. One of them is a sticky board where moths get stuck and cannot fly away. These are perfect to keep in your pantry so that moths can get trapped whenever they attempt to invade your food sources. These traps do not create a bad odor and do their job silently. 

  1. Dispose of all the moth-infested food in your pantry. 

You do not want to consume the same food once it gets infested by moths. To avoid mixing the infested food with the clean ones, make sure to check the containers properly and remove the bad ones. If you have stored pet food, check the dates on them to see if they are expired and check if they are infested. 

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