How many wine bottles can fit into a wine cellar

If you are curious about wine cellars and are thinking of installing one, or even if you do have one and do not make use of it, allow this blog to provide some clarity regarding wine cellars. This blog will aim to examine how many bottles one can fit into a wine cellar, how to organise your wine to access it effortlessly, how to store your wine correctly, and lastly, what else can one house in their wine cellar.  If you do not have a wine cellar, many dual temperature wine fridges are available to preserve red wine, white wine, sparkling and sweet wine. 

How many wine bottles can a wine cellar hold?

How many wine bottles a cellar may hold depends on how large your wine cellar is. For example, a wine cellar that’s 20 square feet can hold between 10 to 15 bottles of wine. Alternatively, a wine cellar that’s 500 square feet can hold up to 5,500 bottles of wine. Therefore, consider how many wine bottles it needs to house when constructing a wine cellar. 

How to organise your wine collection

When it comes to organising one’s wine cellar, there are many different organisation methods that one can use. For example, one can organise their wine collection by type. One row could be dedicated to red wine, the next to white wine, etc. Furthermore, one can organise their wine by the year. If you decide to use this method, keep your older vintages further away to … Read More


home and gardening

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Choosing The Ideal Sliding Automatic Door

Choosing the type of door to get is an essential decision. A lot of thinking goes into it before deciding which type would be ideal. Once you have decided to choose an automatic door, you need to figure out which one to choose. When installing an automatic sliding door, there might be a lot of questions in your mind. You might be confused about which one to opt for. Ditec Automatic Sliding Doors are the best in the industry. If looking for a sliding automatic door, the following are the options that you can choose from.

Ditec DS18D

The Ditec DS18D is an ideal Automatic Sliding door. It is a complete package when it comes to the sliding door option. This type of sliding automatic door is available in multiple configurations that can be used for any kind of application. You can find this door in both high speed and smooth operation. When looking for an automatic door, you want it to be safe. The DS18D has been designed to be extremely reliable and safe. It can be easily installed. Another essential quality is that it should be easy to use. This model of the Ditec is known for being user-friendly. You can choose from various door options. Doors are single slide, bi-part and telescopic configurations. If you wish, you can opt for the all-glass version. When there is only glass it helps to add elegance and an upscale look to the interiors.

DS18D meets all the ANSI A156.10 guidelines … Read More