Meaningful Guide to Building a 2-storey House

Having a 2 floor storey house can be a dream for many people. Moreover, each year the available land continues to be limited and costs tend to rise.

Then, what needs to be prepared and how much does it cost to build a 2-storey house? Friends of BFI, let’s follow the explanation below about the sundries of building a 2-storey house that we have summarized from various reliable sources.

storey house

Advantages of Building a 2 Floor House

There are a number of advantages that you can get from building a 2-storey house. These advantages range from comfort to personal needs. Come on, let’s follow the full description on this basis.

1. Houses with 2 floors are more efficient

The cost of building a 2-storey house is not cheap. However, the budget that needs to be prepared tends to be more economical than building a wide house sideways.

This can happen because a 2-storey house is more efficient in making electricity and water lines. The reason is, the channel that is made will be vertical and one direction. This certainly allows the budget that you have to be minimized because you don’t need to provide many channels.

2. Aesthetically, it looks more attractive

In terms of aesthetics or beauty of the building, a house with 2 floors looks more attractive and pleasant to look at regardless of what kind of building style is selected.

In addition, the house with 2 floors offers a panoramic view of nature that spoils the eye. Especially for home owners who live in beautiful areas.

3. More Space and Relief

One of the cases that we often encounter in urban areas or densely populated areas is limited land. Limited land makes the space available is also limited.

The solution is to make a 2-storey house. Houses that are shaped vertically tend to have more space and have a more spacious impression.

This is certainly very profitable for those of you who want to have more space with quite a lot of family members but have obstacles, namely limited land for buildings.

4. More Privacy

Apart from being used for shelter or shelter, the house is a place where a person can find privacy.

By building a 2-storey house, you can get a better privacy, free from noise, and breathe better air.