Wood Flooring to Suit your Garden

You may think it is an area that is overlooked, however many individuals find it important to ensure the flooring in their house matches or at least coordinates with their garden. Most individuals do this by installing wood flooring or the cheaper alternative of laminate or vinyl.

But why does wood coordinate so well with gardens? Mainly because it is a natural product. Wood flooring is a great way of bringing nature indoors as the texture of wood feels great underfoot. Not only does it feel great, it also looks amazing. If you decide to choose a product with lots of knots and scars then it replicates the character of the great outdoors and applies this character to your home. It will allow your house to have a country style of home that will make all your visitors jealous.

Also if you are a traditional gardener then you will know what it is like to get very muddy. Unless you have an outdoor shower then you unfortunately run the risk of transporting dirt into the house. If you have wood flooring then this is not an issue. Wood flooring can be wiped clean with a slightly damp mop and will return back to its original state. Small stones can also risk damaging your floor as it may scratch the surface after being stuck in your gardening boots. However this is not an issue as you will be able to sand the area and refinish your floor. Also if you believe you are likely to scratch your floor then purchasing a brushed and oiled flooring is a great option as the scratches will simply blend into the floor.

This refinishing technique can be applied if you ever want or need to stain your floor. If you have an oiled floor then you are able to sand just one area of the floor, however if you have a lacquered floor then unfortunately you will have to sand and refinish the entire floor.  The benefit of sanding your entire floor is that you have the freedom to refinish the floor with any finish. So if you ever get bored or your current flooring shade then you can refinish the floor and obtain what feels like a completely new floor.

Gardens are also known for their decoration and the designs that can be created using beautiful flowers and flooring is no different. Parquet wood flooring is currently a huge trend across Europe that allows you to express your creative side when installing flooring. Parquet flooring is available in chevron and herringbone which allows you to create beautiful patterns. These patterns originated in French castles, so if you want to feel like a French king then parquet flooring is the floor for you.