Why is lawn feed so important?

Your lawn is constantly exposed to many factors that can cause damage to it. Kids playing, pets running around and even sudden changes in weather can damage your garden’s lawn. Lawn feed provides your lawn with all the nutrients and minerals it needs to grow healthy and strong. If you don’t provide this nutrition to your lawn, it will use up the soil’s resources much faster. Once the soil runs out of nutrients to offer your lawn, it will start to turn brown and you will notice that it begins to dry out. The lawn feed is made with ingredients specially designed to maintain the vitality of your lawn. A bright green color is characteristic of a healthy lawn. And the best part is that these fertilizers are mostly safe if they come in contact with pets or children. Make sure you buy the right grass seed!

Should I feed my lawn throughout the year?

Although lawns require nutrients to thrive, the good news is that a few times a year is more than enough to maintain an enviable lawn. There is a lawn feed designed for every season of the year. Weather and soil play an important role. If your lawn sits on a sandy soil, you will need to feed it every 6 weeks. If it is growing on a loamy, clay or chalky soil, every 8 weeks is a good frequency. There are lawn feeds that include weed killers. You can feed your lawn while protecting it. You should check the product label to find out the recommended time of year to use it. Remember that feeding your lawn during spring is not the same as preparing it for its winter dormancy.

How do you keep track of the amount of lawn feed you should use?

Too much is bad. It is important that you learn how to correctly dose the amounts of feed you will use on your lawn. Each lawn feed product comes with manufacturer’s recommendations that you can follow. It is important that you read these recommendations carefully to avoid damaging your lawn. You should also decide whether you will use liquid or granular feed. Granular lawn feed is easily applied with a spreader. Last but not least, remember to keep track. You can use a notebook, a whiteboard or even a cell phone app. You are sure to find one with alerts included. The important thing is to be consistent to achieve a bright green lawn. Achieving it will depend on your care and the quality of the lawn feed you use.