What Happened To All Of The Cherry Trees?

One of the most popular trees in the British garden used to be the cherry tree. Over the last 30 years the sale of cherry trees have gone into decline. What happened? Do we not eat cherries any more?

Yes, we still eat cherries, but we don’t buy cherry trees to plant in our gardens. Most of the cherries for sale in the UK are imported from countries such as Spain and France. That needs to change if we want to continue enjoy eating cherries post Brexit.

Are Cherry Trees High Maintenance?

Compared to other fruit trees, cherry trees are very low maintenance. They are easy to prune and relatively disease free.

As long as you plant them in the right location, prune and fertilise them, cherry trees will continue to crop for many years to come.

You Can Do So Much With Cherries

Cherries are one of the more versatile fruits that you can grow in your garden. As a matter of fact, there is almost no end to things that you can do with cherries.

Of course, you can eat them straight of the tree. However, most cherry trees you can buy produce a generous amount of fruit that you may just want to turn it into other treats.

Cherry jam is delicious and the cherry jelly tastes great with chicken and cheese. Stoning the fruit takes a little bit of work but is worth it. Once it has been stoned, it tastes great when added to pies and cakes. Drying cherries is also relatively easy. It enhances the flavour and you now have healthy fruit that you can nibble on all winter.

Pollinators Will Love Your Trees

If you have ever stood under a cherry tree in full bloom, you will have heard a hive of activity going on. Cherry flower nectar is worth its weight in gold to pollinators. The open blooms are easy to get into and insects can get a lot of nectar in one go. Pollinators will love your cherry tree!

The more pollinators you have coming into your garden, the more it will produce and your flowers will put on a better display. That is yet another reason why you should invest in a cherry tree or two for your garden.

Can I Pick The Flowers?

There is no denying it – cherry tree flowers smell delicious. It is very hard to capture the scent. Standing under your tree all day is not an option. Why don’t you go ahead and bring in a couple of branches instead? You will find that cherry blossom lasts a surprisingly long time indoors.

Cherry tree blossom also make a welcome gift. Different varieties produce flowers in different colours. That is why you will find that many cherry tree enthusiasts grow a variety of trees.

The Final Word

Why shouldn’t you buy cherry trees? Stop and think about it, there is no reason at all. There are large ones and small ones. You can even grow some of the smaller trees in pots. Have a chat to CRJ Fruit Trees and you could soon find yourself with a cherry in your garden.