The importance of planting trees

Trees are vital. They provide fresh oxygen, clean air and rich biodiversity. Planting new trees is also essential for a healthy future of the earth. Yes, you can quickly run to the garden to plant a young tree, but fortunately it can also be a lot easier and more efficient. There are various organizations to which you can outsource the planting of new trees. These are so-called tree planting organizations. One example is Land Life Company. You can read more about their work at the website of the company so you will make always the right information. In this article we will explain why healthy trees have such an impact and we will tell you which organizations you can get to plant new trees. Just from the comfort of your own home.

Why is it important to plant trees?

There are several reasons why trees are so important. It is not only important for humanity, but also for animals and nature itself. There are an awful lot of reasons for this, all of which we will explain below.

Trees provide fresh oxygen

Chances are you don’t think about it every day. Yet trees help you stay alive every day. They take CO2 from the atmosphere, convert it into fresh oxygen and then release it back into the air. As a result, we always have fresh air and do not feel stuffy!

Trees absorb CO2

Trees not only convert CO2 into clean oxygen. They store the greenhouse gas in their wood, leaves and roots. Thanks to this natural filtering, trees provide cleaner air. Although this will not completely solve air pollution, it is one of the important reasons for planting trees.

Essential for biodiversity

Without trees, there is no healthy biodiversity. Trees provide food, shelter, habitat and nesting opportunities for animals. And the more different types of trees, the greater the biodiversity. Ultimately, of course, we want as many plant and animal species on our planet as possible.

Improved water drainage and less soil erosion

The roots and leaves of trees improve the drainage of water in the soil. The roots of trees also prevent soil erosion and ensure a good soil quality in which rainwater can be absorbed better.

A quieter environment

This may not be very obvious, but trees also provide a quieter environment. Urban environments can be very noisy, due in part to traffic. The leaves and branches naturally dampen sound. Thus, planting trees can help reduce noise pollution by a few decibels.