The Haircut Dilemma? This Short Hairstyle Can Be Your Option

Want to try a short hairstyle but not confident because you feel the face shape does not support? In addition to fashionable, short hairstyle treatments are also practical and far from hot. For those of you who are still in doubt want to appear with a short haircut, Relax, you can still get this haircut so that the appearance looks fresher and younger, you know. Because there are 6 short hairstyles below that are suitable for all types of faces. Hurry up to the salon then try it, let’s go.

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1. Pixie Short Hair Model

This short haircut presents a cool and classic appearance. Not only that, the pixie short haircut is also suitable for you who don’t want to be bothered with your hair when you get up late. Short pixie hairstyles range in style from classic pixie to undercut pixie for those who like androginy styles. In pixie short hairstyles, bangs become an important component in determining the final hair outcome. Well, in this section you can adjust the length and shape to make it look right on the face.

2. Bob Short Hair Model

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to look adorable but still look elegant, try this short bob haircut. Short and straight layers give their own charm, you know. You can also experiment by adding bangs so that the impression of youth radiates on your face. Having problems with limp hair ?! Don’t worry. You can rely on blow dry and round brush so that the hair looks volume.

3. Short Layer Hair Model

Who wants to have cheeks that look thinner? Well, you must try the short hair model with a touch of the layer. In addition, this short haircut also gives a stylish effect on your new appearance. You also do not need to bother directing your face, just outsmart with this layer short hairstyle then in an instant, the impression of thin cheeks will appear on your face.

4. Shaggy Short Hair Model

A shaggy short haircut may sound out of date but if you still want to try it it’s like having short hair, a shaggy short haircut is a safe solution. The hallmark of this shaggy short hair model lies in the layer which is deliberately made in different lengths. Shaggy hairstyles can be your mainstay who want to look fabulous by changing the hair color so that the appearance is more elegant and fresh.

5. Short Curly Hair Model

Bored with short straight hairstyles? You can try a short curly hairstyle which is deliberately curly. That way, your hair will look more volume and frame your face charming. Use a curling iron to get an intense curly short haircut. Meanwhile, for those of you who have natural curly hair, there’s nothing wrong trying to cut it with a short haircut. With a little touch of highlight, you can make your short curly hair look textured and thick.

6. Short Choppy Hair Model

This short haircut was first shown by Victoria Beckham who appeared charming and sexy. Since then, short choppy hairstyles are in great demand by women because they show the impression of a more level neck. Not only that, a short choppy hairstyle can also help your thinner hair become more volume or be made slightly more wavy with a sleek golden brown blend.
Interested in trying ?! With a short haircut makes you look youthful and fresh. You also have more value that is not owned by other women in creating your short haircut. Most important, the key is confidence. Good luck and experiment with the latest short haircut.