Quarter and Nature Stone Countertops: Make Your Dream House a Reality

You are planning to remodel either your kitchen or you have a multi-unit project, Quarter and natural stones are always on the top list of every contractor. Although the industry in Stone and Quartz has evolved enormously over time, some things exist that remain continuous; such as skill, attention to detail, and customer service. Here we will give you detailed knowledge of every stone so that you can choose the best one for your dream project:


At stonnik, we provide a vast range of wall cladding, floor covers, and Porcelain countertops Toronto. The wall cladding is available. These sets of porcelain plates offer an exceptional alternative to real stones that give an unmatched, living form. Ideal for all applications, they provide the resistance to thermal shocks, abrasion, chemical resistance, low porosity, high degradation. Moreover, it has vast strength and caliber to withstand long-term sunlight effects. 


Caesarstone has been a leader in innovation in the stone industry. Whether the development of new technologies, or procedures, it helps to achieve breakthrough designs or to develop new concepts with the world’s best designers. Caesarstone has an unparalleled enthusiasm for innovation. They have produced many finishes, textures, and new radical designs. They give the means to build a radically distinct interior.


Quartet’s headquarter is located in Toronto, Canada, and their quartz product range is beyond passion. With unique color options and texture, the surfaces of Quartex generate lime-like, textured slash-like looks or a high-gloss granite finish. Unlike other natural materials, cleaning and maintenance are easier because of the hardness and non-porous nature of Quartex. The patterns of the Quartex surfaces bring nature to your doorstep in a worry-free manner.


Thanks to its features, Silestone by Cosentino is a distinctive brand. Its unique character has allowed it to be a brand connected with the world of fashion and design, with the most innovative and current levels. Silestone is a very tough and robust mixture of natural quartz and other raw minerals. These features make a perfect surface for kitchen counters, baths, floors, and wall coverings.

Natural Stone

It is an Old and unbelievably classic, and amazing in all manners. Mother nature makes it in a way that two slabs are never the same. We will assist you through your options and choices, regardless of whether you want marble, granite, chalkstone, onyx or quartzite, or semi-precious stone.