How Much Does Basement Excavation Cost?

You may be wondering what the cost of a basement excavation is if you want to add a basement to an existing house. If you’re looking to increase the square footage of your home, this home improvement project can be a huge undertaking.

Basement Excavation: Is it a good option?

As the pandemic continues, many people are searching for larger homes to live in. The current housing market is not conducive to selling your home quickly and without going into a bidding war or paying much more than the asking price. With the current low inventory and high demand, there are no guarantees you will find a house.

Expanding the space of your existing home can be a better option if you don’t want to sell your home. Here are some reasons to find out how much it costs for a basement excavation.

  • Building out is not an option If you have limited land for building on the back side of your home, then building out may not be an option. Basement excavation may be an option if you aren’t interested in encroaching on your backyard or if it is being used as it is.
  • It is not possible to add a second story.Maybe your 2nd floor gets great use but you still need a home office, a game room, or an extra bathroom. With a basement excavation project, you can fit all these rooms in the basement.
  • Do you have a crawl space or cellar? With the assistance of an expert contracting company, your crawl space can be made into a basement. Talk to the team about the logistics involved in excavating a basement beneath your home.
  • Basements are Common in Your Area:It is important to remember that basement excavation can be done in areas with basements. There are layers of rock beneath the topsoil in some areas that can shift. These areas are not suitable to build underground.

Once you’ve decided that a basement excavating is an option for your home it is time to find out the cost of a basement excavation. Continue reading to learn about the factors that impact the cost of excavation.

Basic Basement Excavation Prices

A basement excavation costs on average $47 per square feet. There are many factors that go into the calculation of basement costs.

  • Cubic Yards of Dirt What is the cost of a basement excavation. It all depends on how large the area is. It will be determined by how many cubic yards of dirt must be taken out. Basements average 8 feet in depth. Every cubic yard of land must be taken and hauled away.
  • Geographic location: The price per square foot of a basement excavation is dependent on where it is located. Material, labor, hourly wages, and labor costs vary across the country. Your estimate will reflect New Jersey’s construction costs.
  • Accessibility: If there is rock under your home or tight space between buildings, this will affect the cost of basement excavation. Accessibility setbacks will be avoided if equipment and trucks can reach the house.

These factors should be taken into consideration when you plan your basement excavation. When you meet with Greenbar Excavation’s experts, they can give you a precise estimate of the project.

Additional costs

There are additional costs when you hire a team of people to dig a basement. You will want to make the basement a living space if you are digging a basement. There are several things you need to consider when finishing a basement.

  • Dry Wall
  • Electric Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Appliances
  • Furnishings
  • Interior Design

After you have added your finishing touches, you will be able to expand your home in the way you envisioned. Imagine how wonderful it would be to go to the basement to watch a movie, to have a private bathroom for your guests, or to set up a quiet home office.

There are other factors to consider

Calculating the cost of a basement excavation project is only half the equation. The return on investment is the final step. Although basement excavation can be expensive, it can also be very cost-effective if you take into account the resale price.

Imagine you are filling out the listing of your home with additional bedrooms, a gathering space, and a bathroom. Your home will be more desirable due to the additional square footage. An excellent investment is a basement excavation.

Prep Work

You will need permits as with any excavation project. Permits have been a major reason for construction delays in the past. To ensure that your project goes smoothly, hire a team that can obtain permits.

Safety protocols, COVID guidelines and the preparation of your final vision can all be part of the prep work. These preparations can help you determine how skilled your contractors are. If you aren’t confident in the expertise of your contractors, it is not too late to cancel a contract.

Additional Residential Excavation Areas

Greenbar Excavation is a residential excavation company with many years of experience. You may be asking what basement excavation costs. Consider what other projects you might need in your home.

  • Pool Excavation Is your pool old or cracked? You can have your pool removed if it is more expensive to maintain than it is worth. Your backyard can be the paradise of your dreams.
  • Garage ExcavationLet Greenbar Excavation handle your old, rusty garage. Greenbar Excavation can either remove the concrete slab from your backyard or make it into a firepit or basketball court.
  • Driveway Excavation If your fixer-upper is struggling with a crumbling driveway that’s full of weeds, uneven concrete chunks, and has no drainage system in place, our team can help you remove the concrete. The new driveway can be poured quickly and will increase curb appeal.

Our experienced team will complete your residential excavation project. Don’t put off home improvements and make your home the place you want it to be. Many homeowners update their homes before selling. You can make the necessary changes now to ensure that you live in luxury and not provide amenities for potential buyers.

Basement Excavation Contractor In OR

Greenbar Excavation can help you determine the cost of a basement excavation. Greenbar Excavation is a trusted name in basement excavation. Basement excavation is a complex project that requires expert knowledge to ensure the quality and foundation of the house. Our family-owned business has more than 70 years of experience in commercial and residential excavation.

Before you ask what basement excavation costs? The quality of the work is as important as the cost. Greenbar Excavation will provide you with top-quality work.

This post was written by Tanner Brown. Tanner is the Owner and operator of Greenbar Excavation. Greenbar Excavation is a fully licensed, insured, and accredited Excavation company based in Prineville Oregon. Greenbar Excavation is one of the top Septic Tank replacement companies in Central Oregon. Don’t look further, go with the company with your best interest in mind!