How many wine bottles can fit into a wine cellar

If you are curious about wine cellars and are thinking of installing one, or even if you do have one and do not make use of it, allow this blog to provide some clarity regarding wine cellars. This blog will aim to examine how many bottles one can fit into a wine cellar, how to organise your wine to access it effortlessly, how to store your wine correctly, and lastly, what else can one house in their wine cellar.  If you do not have a wine cellar, many dual temperature wine fridges are available to preserve red wine, white wine, sparkling and sweet wine. 

How many wine bottles can a wine cellar hold?

How many wine bottles a cellar may hold depends on how large your wine cellar is. For example, a wine cellar that’s 20 square feet can hold between 10 to 15 bottles of wine. Alternatively, a wine cellar that’s 500 square feet can hold up to 5,500 bottles of wine. Therefore, consider how many wine bottles it needs to house when constructing a wine cellar. 

How to organise your wine collection

When it comes to organising one’s wine cellar, there are many different organisation methods that one can use. For example, one can organise their wine collection by type. One row could be dedicated to red wine, the next to white wine, etc. Furthermore, one can organise their wine by the year. If you decide to use this method, keep your older vintages further away to hinder any temptation to open the wine before it has reached its prime. Moreover, you can organise your wine by the vineyard and wine farm; this is especially great if you travel.

How to store your wine correctly in a wine cellar.

When storing wine, the main factor is the temperature. Therefore, when storing any wine, one should check its temperature requirement. Additionally, the temperature should not fluctuate; it should be kept constant. When the room temperature changes frequently, it causes the cork to expand and shrink, allowing both wine and oxygen to seep in and out. Furthermore, your wine needs to lay horizontally, especially if it is corked. Laying the bottle in such a position ensures that the wine keeps the cork moist, preventing it from becoming brittle and, therefore, oxygen seeping in.

Moreover, you want to ensure that your wine cellar has no sunlight and no vibrations. Sunlight causes the flavours of the wine to become damaged and altered. Any vibration will cause the wine’s sediments to become unsettled, which will change the intricate ageing process of the wine. 

What else can you store in your wine cellar?

If your home has a wine cellar, but you are not a lover of wine, fear not; a wine cellar can be multi-purposeful. For example, one can store beer instead of wine, preferably Belgian and Scottish ales and Sours, as the humidity level within the wine cellar is perfect for accommodating these beers. Furthermore, if you have an olive oil collection, you can house your olive oil in your wine cellar. This is because a grapevine and olive tree have similar climates. Therefore, they have similar storage specifications, making a wine cellar the perfect storage space.  Furthermore, one can house cheese, cigars and food in a wine cellar.

Depending on the size of your wine cellar, it can house up to 5,500 bottles of wine. Moreover, if you are not a fan of wine, a wine cellar can also be used to house other items, beer, cheese, etc.