A trade secret of successful housewives

Here’s a trade secret of successful housewives. Private chef. Hire a private chef who’ll cook the most delicious food for your family and parties. If you want to eat healthy, well-balanced, fresh food but you rarely have time to cook it then professional chef is a must. No more cooking burden left when it comes to great events and gatherings. All you need to do is hire a professional catering company and get a perfect chef to make the tasty food for your guests.


Serve delicious food to your family and friends without having to slave over the kitchen table. Hire a private chef who cooks on behalf of you and serves amazing food. The key to a great event is its host. If you want to be the perfect host to your event than you have to be impeccable and how can you achieve that if you’ve spent the last 6 hours baking, boiling, shopping and etc. That’s when a private chef comes to your rescue. There are a lot of benefits of hiring a private chef.  Let me give you some basic tips on why and how to hire a perfect chef for home as well as for your next grand event.

Before hiring a chef for your event you need to conduct a thorough investigation. Here are some things you might want to know about him:

  • Personality of the chef

The personality of the chef should be good in terms of friendliness, good manners, meticulous and attentive. He should understand your requirements and should be able to accept your needs easily.

  • Communicate your requirements

Communication of your needs and making the chef understand your lifestyle and schedule is important. Let him know how many meals you will want him to cook. Communicate whether you need a full-time chef or a part time one. Make sure he is adaptable and understand how to use the equipment present in your kitchen. Tell him whether you want him to cook just for you or the entire family or in the big parties.


  • Budget

Plan a budget for hiring a chef. While making the communication, make sure the agency is charging you the same so that you do not regret later on for spending more. Stick to the planned budget. Some chefs charge you on per day basis, some on an hourly basis, one time booking while you host a party, etc. Thus consider your budget, make proper calculations before you finalize your chef.


  • Experience and knowledge

The chef should have enough experience,good reviews from customers he worked for before. He should have a detailed knowledgeabout equipment, techniques, cuisine and your food preferences. Name some of the cuisines and ask him whether he knows how to make them or not. He should have had a good reputation. You can also reach out to some of his previous clients to know if they were happy with his work, what were the drawbacks, etc. Ask the chef for some references, what culinary background he has, does he specialize in any particular sphere (Italian food, deserts, etc.), etc.


  • Quality of food

You might connect with an agency or hire an individual chef. If it is an agency, it is more likely that they would do the shopping work. Since they are in charge of chopping you need to ask the team where do they get the products from, how do they store them, how do they transport it, etc. Discussing these queries helps you understand the process much better. However, if it’s a personal chef, then the case might be different as you have the right to ask him to ensure quality as per your requirement.

  • Other considerations while hiring a team

While hiring a team of cooks for a party hosted by you,chefs should make sure that their work doesn’t leave a bad impression.  While choosing a catering company, ask them different questions concerning such factors as crockery, if they get their own plates and other equipment or they expect you to arrange it. Ask them if they set the tables themselves or you have to work on it. Find out about the way they serve food, do they expect you to provide them a refrigerator space, will the team be on time, how long do they need to cook so that time estimations can be made accordingly, etc. Thus, considering these fundamental questions is vital in order to avoid any unfortunate circumstances and ensure a good impression.

  • Other considerations while hiring a private chef

Make a customized menu for the chef for your dinner and ask him if he is good to go with all the dishes you’ve mentioned. This will help you tofigure out if you are on the right path of choosing a chef or not. However, the chef should happily accept whatever the owner wants him to make. There might be times when he has to cook more and adapt to certain circumstances (allergies, food preferences, etc.)  Thus, he should be flexible and creative. Ask him if he has his own equipment or expects everything to be provided, whether he is ready to shop for whatever is required or not, etc.

These are some of the primary factors one should take into consideration while hiring a chef. Hiring a chef is a troublesome step initially while ensuring his adaptability to your requirement but later on it will be the best choice you’ve ever made. If you don’t want to spend your time on background checks, then YouDo is the perfect solution for you.

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