7 Steps for Starting a Garden in Your Balcony

Gardening can be rewarding even though it is difficult to start especially if you reside in urban areas because of the ability to find enough space thus leading to the usage of outdoor spaces like your porches and balconies.

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A balcony garden as the name implies is a garden created on the balcony of a house, this usually happens when there is limited space. It is part of green energy opinions that creating a garden can help in purifying and beautifying the environment. It is imperative that intending balcony gardeners know one or two things as regards suitable plants to raise, how they should be raised, materials to make use of, and other necessary information. Here are steps for starting a garden on your balcony:

1. Check for Building Rules:

The first thing to do before you begin the process of gardening is to check your apartment, as well as the community rule,which allows for the usage of the balcony for gardening. If it does, you can proceed to the next step

2. Assess Your Balcony’s Strength:

Consider if your balcony can take on the weight of the pots of soil you would use for planting. This would give you an insight on which kind of pot to use depending on the weight.

3. Design a Way to Get Water to Your Balcony: 

How to get water readily available should be considered. Make a proper strategy that would ensure that water is readily available for your plants as water is a means of sustenance for plants. You should also consider what method of irrigation and drainage to get water into and out of your pot.

4. Consider Your Geographic Location About What Plant Thrives There:

You must research your geographical zone how it affects the growth of plants and what kind of plant is suitable for such an environment.After considering plants that thrive, you can then go ahead to choose. You could decide you want to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs or fruits. When you take a pick, this would lead you to the next decision.

5. Pick the right spot for your plant:

Each plant has its specific light requirement. Some require up to 8 hours of light while some require little or no exposure to sunlight. Use this factor to pick the right spot to place your pot(s).

6. Prepare Your Pots:

Depending on what size your balcony can take, get your pots or bags. Fill them with soil. Choosing the type of soil is also dependent on the requirement of the plant you are raising. Ensure that this soil is fertile and would support the growth of the plant in question. If soil is deficient, work and improve soil fertility with the application of necessary fertilizers.

7. Start Your Planting:

So long your pots or bags are filled with soil, you can start planting right away, make sure that the plants are planted at the right time of the season, and follow the due process of planting especially for plants requiring nursery.

After planting, ensure you water the plant at the right time, practice mulching if necessary, and maintain your garden. Gardening can be an enormous task but it is rewarding.