5 design trends for the bedroom you should follow over the coming year

New year, old problem — how to turn a drab bedroom into a fab bedroom. For 2019, why not make a resolution to have a bedroom that is super-stylish and clutter-free (which also means swapping out that tired bedroom set). After all, a stylishly designed bedroom may just alter your whole outlook for the year — and we’re here to give you some pointers on how to create the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Picture for a moment, waking up each day in a bedroom where you just can’t help but say, “Wow, I can’t believe this is my room.” As we turn over the new year, here’s a bedroom design mantra you might like to consider: Keep it stylish, keep it clutter-free, and make it stylish.

#1. Ditch the Clutter

Before we get into the latest bedroom furniture sets and all the stylish possibilities, we first have to start with what may be the easiest or hardest part of your bedroom re-design — ditching all those knick-knacks. Like, the online design website Brabbu recommends, we are ranking a clutter-free bedroom as our top 2019 design goal. Chances are, you have knick-knacks xand other odds and ends that have gone unnoticed and unappreciated for years. Why not store or donate these items? Out with the old and in with the new.

By keeping your bedroom clutter-free, you’ll also find it much easier to clean and keep it looking great. If you have a number of items that you’d like to keep in your bedroom, but still want the clutter-free look, you could consider getting a bedroom set that has a bed stand with a built-in storage panel.

#2. Keep it Simple

In these overstimulating times, keeping things simple, design-wise can seem like a revelation. Most of us are attracted to the simple living arrangements we see in magazines. But, when it comes to real life, we’re much better at adding decor items rather than subtracting them. A bedroom should be a place of tranquillity; not a place cluttered with odds and ends, laundry hampers, sports bags, old high school trophies, and — well, you get the picture. Keep it simple.

These days we are bombarded with stuff. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of relaxation where you can peacefully drift off to sleep and wake up refreshed. So, all you really need is a quality bedroom set, a nightstand, a light source, and maybe a dresser (if you don’t have a walk-in closet).

#3. Add Zero-Footprint Bedside Lighting

If you’ve ever stayed at a high-end hotel, chances are they had stylish bedside lights attached to an oversized headboard. This is not only convenient but also frees up some space on your nightstand for something like, say, a stack of books, which does not only serve as a design accent but also a great way to display and have access to your favorite reads. To make your bedside light even more “zero-footprint” you can also consider some of the many stylish LED wall lights that are now available.

If you are considering a new bedroom set, it’s always easier to match decor items with a set than vice-versa. So, if you’re thinking of making a break with the old and investing in a new set, now is the time to do so. Pinterest is actually a great resource to browse the many bedroom wall light options that are out there. Some of these are super-affordable and easy to do while also remaining super-stylish.

#4. Accessorize with an Industrial Piece

Yes, we know; we just went on and on about de-cluttering your bedroom and making the space as simple and Zen-like as possible. But, to balance the focal weight of your room with the bed, you may want to try adding an industrial accent such as a vintage Italian theatre lamp, oversized tower-style clock, a biplane propeller, or even a decorative nautical telescope. These are just a few ideas, but you get the picture. An item such as these will give your room a sense of narrative. It can also serve to display your interests and hobbies (not to mention your great design taste).

#5. Browse Coordinated Bedroom Sets

For years, bedroom design has been dominated by “mix-and-match” styles. These bedroom decor schemes can look really cool in magazines. But, in the real world, they either fall short of their mark or take on the appearance of they actually are — a jumbled assortment of . That is why nailing down the essentials and then designing around them is the only tried-and-true way of giving your bedroom a cohesive, harmonious appearance.

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