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Black-eyed peas, also called cowpea, are the most well-liked of all southern pea varieties. Carrots have a agency and crisp flesh with excellent taste. Very productive and a nice keeper, this carrot variety can be high in vitamin A.

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A slicer cucumber, this selection is a treasured choice for summer time salads. The cucumber, nearly spherical, is about 3.5″ long. This cucumber will flip an alluring lemon-shade of yellow when it is mature.

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A slicer selection, this cucumber has lengthy, curved, grayish inexperienced cukes that always measure up to 2′ long with a diameter of three”. Yum! This perfection addition to your salads. These lengthy green bean pods are crammed with tender, scrumptious greenish-white peas marked with a distinguished black eye.

This popular carrot has tender, brilliant orange flesh with delicate flavor. Repeat sowings every 2 weeks until mid-summer for steady provide of contemporary carrots. Beets can be grown repeatedly in the course of the season for a bountiful crop. Tall Top Early Wonder Beets are a nice all-function beet selection excessive in vitamins A, B2, B6, and C. To prepare beets, simmer entire beets in salted water for minutes, dip in chilly water and slip the skins off.

A nice slicing cucumber, these perfectly straight garden favorites have thick, sweet, gentle flesh with wonderful taste that makes this a superb selection for salads or for dipping. This burpless cucumber is straight and about 14″ long with a green rind. The average weight per cucumber this plant will produce is 7 ounces. Green Dragon Cucumbers are a very hardy early hybrid cucumber selection that is proof against chilly climate.