With Umma.ID Maximize Waiting Time to Open

To fill the time while waiting for iftar, we can also fill it by reading ramadan articles from trusted Muslim applications, namely Umma.ID. through the Umma Ramadhan channel.

In this channel we can find various articles about the interesting and up to date Ramadan sundries. Starting from the idea of ​​the menu when breaking and when Eid arrives, until other religious studies. All are reviewed in an interesting way with light and easy to understand language. Umma.ID, we can download the application in our device via PlayStore.
Through the Umma.ID application we will get information that supports the implementation of fasting in the month of Ramadan. A variety of features and content that is owned by Umma.ID is provided to help carry out activities during the month of Ramadan for Muslims.

Through features like Al-Qur’an, Prayer Schedules, Adhan Notifications, Qibla Direction, content related to fasting and Ramadan features, Umma.ID serves as a friend of worship in helping users become better Muslims

As the saying goes, there are many paths to Rome, so in the month of Ramadan there are also many ways to get closer to the Almighty.

Now is the time for us to bring the joy and excitement of Ramadan in our homes and hearts. Not being able to go to the mosque does not mean letting Ramadan go without meaning. Precisely the quiet of the mosque must make us more enthusiastic not to let Ramadan pass in vain.

It’s time for us to pray, hopefully we can get through this test well, and the Covid-19 pandemic disaster ends soon. And hopefully the diligent spirit of worship such as during Ramadan will continue in our hearts.

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