Window Coverings to Enhance Your Outdoor/Patio Space

If you’re going to feel relaxed about your outdoor space, then privacy is essential. However, it may be pricey to use built-in shades and screens. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to cover the views around your patio or deck, then you should consider going for outdoor curtains. 

These coverings can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including rain, wind, and harsh sun. Exterior draperies also help close the outdoor living area and provide relief from the scorching summer sun with harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition, they help keep the sun out, reduce midday heat, and provide some privacy in your space, so you don’t feel exposed. 

Additionally, another benefit of these outdoor coverings is the decorative elements that add some personality to your outdoor space. These coverings are available in different colors, patterns, and styles, but you must make sure that the material repels water. Also, ensure to choose cloth or fabric rated specifically for the outdoor environment because the traditional drapery fabrics will absorb moisture and become very heavy and mold-prone. 

One way to differentiate the best outdoor coverings is their resistance to UV rays, thus preventing the curtain’s color from fading off with time. In addition, you can avoid wears by buying durable fabrics that are reinforced with grommets or tabs.

Hanging Outdoor Curtains

When you decide to hang your outdoor curtains, you must look at your backyard’s existing structure including, deck, balcony, pergola, or patio, and find the best placement. In addition, you must consider the direction of the wind in your area, as well as nearby foliage. Finally, it’s also crucial to consider how you’ll block the sun so you’ll be able to get the best out of your backyard. For instance, you should consider hanging your outdoor curtains on the part of your deck facing the west so you can enjoy sunny afternoons better. 

If possible, install mounting hardware to the bottom or side of the wood beams to provide stronger support for the outdoor curtain rod. A temporary solution is to hang your outdoor covering with a tension rod. This is necessary for an outdoor structure consisting of stone, metal, and other materials. 

Eye hooks and heavy-gauge wire are other hanging options that you can attach to a stand-alone post or your home exterior. You can provide a more secure hold by using wall anchors. Also, you must ensure that you’re using a taut wire to avoid drooping. If you’re using a heavy fabric or a large area, it may be necessary to install extra support for the center. 

Here are a few window coverings for your patio:

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are made of several materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, or fabric, and what it does best is to reduce the solar heat gain in your house. In the outdoor environment, it protects you from the sun and makes your space cooler. The exterior roller shutters help to protect your porch and patio from wind and heat at a very affordable price. You can place these coverings on the exterior part of your patio to give you shade outdoors, apart from the possibility of installing them over your window to provide your house shade. 

This covering has 95{b3602aedda7eddcac0f30cb45be50c9323db3dd181feaf0656d29867293511b2}} protection from ultraviolet rays, so you’re sure to have the protection that you need from the hot summer sun even though you’re staying outdoors. In addition, most parts of the exterior roller screens are operated remotely, which makes it more convenient not only to set up but also to retract. 

Retractable Awnings

You may have set your patio and love the way it looks already but just lacking that little extra shade; then a retractable awning is what you need. This covering is a good investment for protecting your outdoor furniture (even though it can help to protect your indoor furniture too). Using retractable awnings can also save you lots of money over time because it blocks sunlight from penetrating the furniture and potentially causing damage. 

The fact that these awnings are retractable makes them perfect for your patio. So, if you’re already in love with the way your patio looks, you can retract it, so it’s undetectable, and only use it when necessary. 

External Venetian Blinds

The Venetian blinds have similarities to the roller solar screens as it also provides protection from sunlight and overheating. However, they are more suited for those that want to block sunlight from getting to a specific area completely. In addition, it can control the daylight density, which makes it flexible for glare protection. 


There are several kinds of window coverings for your outdoor patio, and only a few are discussed in this article.