“You are so poor at picking gifts!’’ I heard my best friend scold me again. I was really confused because I dint not know what to give the bride to be, who happened to be my sister. It was that time when everyone was looking up to me as the big sister to surprise her with something so valuable and nice and yet I stood here clueless as to what I was going to buy her. I went round California looking for something nice only to come back with a fake painting.

Thank God I asked my best friend of her opinion before the wedding day. Otherwise, I would have embarrassed myself in front of the couple to be. My best friend could not believe that I had bought a fake painting. Actually she called it a paper stuck on a wooden block. I had not even noted that it was peeling off and I had been conned.

Thanks to her, I knew Norden living. She accompanied me to the store and I had so many choices to pick from. The dilemma was now what exactly I would buy my sister for her wedding. From the beautiful famous Agnes vases from Normann Copenhagen, to the colourful dancing pendants, it was confusing.

There was so much to choose from that I felt as if I would buy her the whole store. I finally went with kitchen items.  From Krenit bowls, Krenit dishes, jugs, bottle grinders rocking glasses and mormor plates, I decided to mix most of them so as to get as many as possible. The quality was fine, the colours divine

When picking wedding gifts, you need to consider the following:

1.      The taste of the bride

Different brides have different tastes. Some might be more inclined to accessories while others might be more open to home items. Depending on the taste of the bride, pick something that you know will make her happy.

You might consider the fact that since she is entering into marriage, she will spend most times in the kitchen. Therefore, buying kitchen items would make her remember you even after the wedding is over. Alternatively, you can get the bride something that she has always dreamed of.  It could be something like a glamorous wall unit that she always admired at stores and could not afford.

2.      Theme colour of the wedding

Depending on the theme colour of the wedding, pick something that is not so far from the theme colours.  Or better yet, pick colours that match something in the occasion. If you decide to go for kitchen items, pick bowls that match with the plates or glasses that match with the jugs. This would entice the bride more as there is definitely thought put into the gifts.

3.      How perishable is your gift?

Wedding gifts range from all kinds from foods, to flowers to items. I would highly recommend that you choose a gift that is not perishable. Considering the fact that the couple would be receiving lots of gifts, picking something that might get spoilt would not be a wise decision.

Therefore, instead of giving them food or flowers that they probably have, give them a PH Artichoke lamp from Norden living that they will see every single day and remember you.

4.      The value of your gift

We don’t get married every other single day. Being a one time occasion, one needs to dedicate their all in a wedding. Giving a valuable gift to a couple shows not only love for them but also lots of appreciation. It is a sign that they are in your heart and mind.

That is why people give very valuable gifts to marrying couples for they understand the importance of this day. Some give cars and furniture to couples.  So try your best to get something of value to give so as not embarrass yourself.

You can easily perfect a wedding gift through Norden living. It provides all kinds of furniture, lighting and accessories in a modern way. Therefore, go get that bride the best gift she will never forget.