Keeping Your House Mould Free: Use These 4 Tips to Prevent Mould

Mould can be essential for the decomposition of organic matter and the making of penicillin. However, there are many negative effects caused by mould, such as health complications due to allergens and irritants it produces. You should note that mould grows fast and can grow anywhere, such as on food, clothing and paper. There are also found in places you can’t even see, such as areas inside walls around condensing or leaking pipes. Additionally, eradicating mould can be difficult and costly. The best approach is to prevent moulds before they grow. This article will explore tips for keeping your house mould-free.

  1. Identify the Problem Areas and Correct Them

The first step to prevent mould is noting areas that can easily be affected by mould and those that provide an environment for mould growth. It’s always challenging to mould-proof your home, but you can consider making it mould resistance using products such as anti mould paint from ACS. This paint is crucial for damp proofing and ant condensation of your interior walls. Additionally, you can consider ripping the carpet in a damp basement and repairing the damaged gutter. You must constantly inspect your home and note problems such as flooding in the basement or condensation in the walls and floor. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to eradicate all the mould.

  1. Install Proper Ventilation to Prevent Moisture

Create a conducive environment that encourages mould growth by doing everyday activities such as cooking, laundry, and showering. Without good ventilation, your house can get stuffy and misty, which will encourage mould growth. Consider venting appliances that produce moisture, such as stoves and clothes dryers, to the outside. Additionally, ensure you install ventilation in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and any room that is a high moisture area. This will help remove all moisture hence reducing the chance of mould growth. Additionally, use AC units but ensure they don’t produce moisture themselves.

  1. Always Dry Wet Areas Immediately

It’s important to note that moulds often grow in places with moisture. You should always make it a routine to keep your home dry. In case of seepage to the basement or accumulation of water in leaky pipes, ensure you take measures to dry the places. Remove water-damaged carpets, bedding and furniture if they cannot dry quickly. When you are working, and there is spillage of water or wet items, take the initiative to dry the place and the items. This will help prevent creating an environment that would support the growth of the moulds.

  1. Divert Water Away from Your Home

The ground around your home also plays an essential role towards the growth of moulds. If your home isn’t sufficiently sloped away from the foundation, the water will flood and drip to your basement. Take time to level the ground and divert all the water away from your home. 


Mould prevention hacks are simple to improvise. The amount you use in buying preventive ant mould products has a significant impact and will be less in the long run. Always ensure you ventilate your house to remove all the moisture.