Easy Ways To Create A Sense Of Calm In Your Home

Your home should be where you escape the stress and chaos of everyday life. Ideally, it should evoke a sense of calmness as soon as you step foot in the door to help you recharge and rest. But, all too often, this is overlooked which can lead to your home becoming a space that can drain you mentally, usually without you even realising.

Your home either supports and nurtures your mental health, or it can completely deplete any energy you have and, in today’s frantic and busy world, it is vital that you create a calm and peaceful home in which you can truly relax and rest. With that in mind, here are some easy ways that you can create a sense of calm in your home.

Decorate Using A Neutral Palette

Whilst bright and busy colours are a decor choice for many, they can remove any sense of calm from your home. Whilst decorating with colour is fun and exciting, if you have a particularly busy or stressful life, you might find that when you return home, these bright colours can have the opposite effect and drain you of any energy.

Keeping the colour palette of your home clean and neutral can create a sense of calmness and can be accessorised or complemented with other colours and tones. Creams, nudes and whites are all good base colours to use around the different areas of your home and can be accentuated with layers, fabrics, textures and shades of warmth, such as gold, tan or yellows to brighten up spaces further. Use features such as wall art prints, family photos and decorative accessories to add further colour which you can interchange as and when you like.

Bring The Outside, In

If you’re looking to recharge from a stressful day, people often try and get out and about to reduce their stress levels. Studies have shown that the outdoors can have positive effects on your mood and stress levels, so why not incorporate elements of the outdoors into your home? Adding plants around your home not only adds colour to your home, but plants also help to eliminate toxins from the air.

In the bathroom, add fresh eucalyptus or aloe vera plants so that, when you have a bath or shower, the steam helps to activate the scent and essential oils, making you feel calm. If you’re not particularly green-fingered, then complement your neutral colour scheme with some botanical wall art instead.

Tackle Any Clutter

Clutter around the home can create both physical and mental chaos, which doesn’t help when you’re looking to create calm. Untidy piles of mess can negatively impact your daily life, whether it’s because you spend 15 minutes looking for your car keys in the morning or have misplaced an important letter, it can lead to overall feelings of distress.

Take some time to tackle the clutter around the main areas of your home that clutter accumulates, such as the sideboard in the hall or on the dining room table and you will immediately notice a feeling of calmness as the tension in the room disappears.

Use Scent Around The Home

There’s nothing much better than walking through your door and thinking that your home smells fresh and clean. Scent can hugely impact the way we feel, so if you’re looking to create feelings of calm in your home, using scent in a different number of ways can help you to achieve this.

By your front door, place a softly scented diffuser that doesn’t emit too strong of an odour, so that when you walk in, you’re greeted with a nice smell. Then, use different scents in the other areas of your home. In the bedroom, take inspiration from spa scents to help you relax in the evening, whilst in the bathroom, fresh and zesty smells can invigorate your senses.

You may also want to invest in different ways to add scent to your home. The glow of candles can create a soothing ambience, whilst the sound and appearance of an oil vapour diffuser can help to make you feel calm before bedtime.