6 Ways to Care for Roses: Easy and Fast Flowering

Check out ways to care for roses so they bloom quickly. Pay attention to lighting and nutrition so that the roses plants are healthier and more beautiful!

Roses are one type of flower that is popular and favored by many people. Roses also have many colors with different meanings too. Because the flowers are beautiful and fragrant, it’s no wonder that this one flower is the target of many.


Besides being able to buy it at a flower shop, you can also plant roses yourself, you know! Because many also sell roses in the form of seeds. This can add to the aesthetics of your garden or yard.

Even though taking care of it is difficult, it’s still easy to do. Interested in taking care of it? Come on, see the following information about how to care for roses that are easy!

How to Take Care of Roses

If you are interested in having rose plants as an addition to your collection of plants in your yard, you must know how to care for them. Like other plants, this one flower must be treated in a special way.

But you don’t need to worry, caring for roses is very easy. Just look at the explanation on how to care for roses below!

1. Proper Lighting

To have a rose plant that grows well, you have to place it in a location with the right lighting. Roses are good for shady morning sun.

However, during the day, it is better for you to keep this flower in a more shady place. You can plant a rose in a pot so you can move the flower pot to the right light.

As for you, you can provide a net to cover the rose plants so that the roses are not exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Pay attention to the intensity of watering

To keep growing, of course, plants need water. Watering roses can be done in the morning and evening. You can adjust the amount of water according to your needs. Make sure the soil is moist but not too wet.

You need to adjust the intensity of watering during the rainy season. If the soil feels quite damp because of the rain, you don’t need to water it again.

Make sure you water the stem near the roots. You don’t do as much watering the leaves as possible because the rose leaves will wilt easily. Use a plant sprinkler so that the water comes slowly.

3. Provide Additional Nutrition

You need to provide rose plants with additional nutrition in the form of fertilizer. Fertilizers that you can give for this one plant are NPK fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium).

The nitrogen content serves to prevent the leaves from turning yellow and not growing much. Additional phosphorus or phosphorus nutrients are useful for strengthening roots. Meanwhile, potassium will help roses recover from stress due to insect attacks, disease, or extreme weather.

4. Cut Unhealthy Stems or leaves

When you see some leaves turning yellow or having spots, you should cut them off immediately. You can also cut off the brown stalks as healthy stems are green.

By cutting off unhealthy plant parts, you can prevent the disease from spreading to the entire plant.

5. Routine Pruning

Not only cutting unhealthy or disease-infected parts, you also have to cut leaves and stems regularly. Too many leaves will hamper flower growth because the nutrients will be distributed to the leaves.

Routine pruning is a way of caring for roses so that they flower quickly. You can trim some of the leaves. Do this once every two weeks.

You can also apply this step as a way to care for roses that have been picked

6. Pay attention to pests and weeds

While watering the plants, pay attention to every part of the rose plant. You have to get rid of pests when you find pests. Pests can inhibit the growth of roses.

If the number of pests is too much to get rid of, you can apply insecticides.

In addition, remove the weeds that are around the rose plants. This can steal nutrients from plants so they cannot grow optimally.