Among the most popular home addition or renovation projects, particularly in the summer months when outdoor work is most favorable weather-wise, is the installation of an attractive outdoor patio or deck. Whether it is located in the front of the house, in the backyard, or perhaps wraps around the home, this is a highly visible addition to the home that can add to the enjoyment of having additional outdoor living space, bringing more beauty to the home. Such home improvements can also be a terrific investment in the home,  a cost that can pay for itself (and more) in time, as such a home addition can add considerably to the home’s resale value. It’s a move that can pay off in the short-term with the functionality and enjoyment that can be realized spending time on the new deck or patio, and later on down the road if you decide to sell your house.

Homeowners looking into deck installation on their home have several considerations to keep in mind while the project is still in the planning stages. Some of the more obvious ones immediately come to mind- the size and shape of the deck; will it incorporate areas surrounding a pool, hot tub, sauna, barbecue area, and so on. One variable that can be somewhat overlooked, at least in the initial planning stages, is the elevation and terrain the deck is to be built over. Residents who live on flat or nearly flat land may not see this as too much of a concern. If, however, the terrain is uneven or slopes in the area the deck is to be installed, a more specialized plan is required to account for elevated decking needs.

If the terrain may prove to be an issue, homeowners should consult with a company, like Elevated Deck Systems, that specializes in elevated deck building. Supplying pedestal/paver components for the installation of decks over the sloped or uneven surfaces, the layout will be closely examined to determine what levelers and adjustable pedestal systems will be needed and where they’ll be placed. All decks will be guaranteed to be completely level, providing perfect water drainage with no visible drains.

Leading elevated deck companies will offer the customer a choice of very attractive, extremely durable and highly functional deck surfaces such as:

Hydra Pressed Pavers: these concrete slabs, supported by pedestals, are very strong, durable, and available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Wood Tiles: a number of different tiles should be available, with a terrific number of options, including smooth or grooved surfaces, color, size, and Janka Hardness Rating, for the customer to review and choose from.