In this article we will discuss about the Types of Fire Fighting Sensors commonly used in fire extinguishing systems or fire systems.

The role of fire sensors in a fire extinguishing system is an integration of the system in detecting the potential for major fire risk and providing a warning or alert system when the fire risks arise.

Some of the things that are considered potential fires include the emergence of smoke, the rise in temperature / heat, the emergence of sparks, surface color changes, and the presence of certain gases that can cause a fire.

From some potential fire above then the type of sensors or sensors commonly used in Fire alarm system are grouped in:

  • Smoke Detector
  • Heat Detector (Heat Detector)
  • Spark sensor (Flame Detector)
  • Gas sensor (Gas Detector)
  • Color / image sensor (Images sensor)

The working system fire and gas detection system has 2 types:

  • Stand alone Fire Detector: stand-alone fire detector, which works to detect potential fire and provide warning either sound alarm or lamp. Usually the power supply or power supply uses batteries.
  • Integrated Fire Detector: fire detector connected to the fire system control panel or fire system. Once there is a potential fire, the sensor will alert the fire system, and will make the system standby or perform a fire fighting function. System integration to fire system can use conventional connection method (wire connections) and Addressable. More will be discussed in the next article.
Smoke Detector (Smoke Detector)

A smoke detector will detect the intensity of smoke in a room. Smoke detector works using several detection methods including:

  • Optical Smoke Detector: Detects smoke based on light density. The use of LEDs and Photo Transistors is quite common in this type
  • Ionization Smoke Detector: Detects smoke by ionization process on radioisotope (radioisotope). Smoke will carry in the air and cause ionized isotopes to trigger alarm. The type of isotope commonly used is americium 421.
  • Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide Smoke Detector: The type of smoke censor that detects CO or CO2 concentration in the air. This sensor focuses more on invisible / invisible fumes that can be harmful to humans from fires that may not be visible but result in fatal health.