Do you have plans to buy a house but do not know the right way in choosing it? Moreover, this is the first house that you will buy. In addition, the way you choose to pay also greatly affects the process you are about to skip. Buying a home is not an easy thing. Many things must be prepared and considered carefully. Consider the following tips to get your dream home:

Get mortgage approval

One of the best ways to facilitate and ease you in buying a home is to get a mortgage approval such on Cheap Home Mortgage via Perumnas Website. With a mortgage, real estate agents and vendors will see the amount of interest and your seriousness to buy the house. In addition, mortgages give you greater bargaining power and can prevent transactional failures due to financial reasons.


Select a Location

The most important factor in buying a home is location. Not surprisingly, in the world of property people are very concerned with location, location and location. Locations are not only considered important by first home buyers, but everyone will see the location as a key factor in buying a home. The price of a property is determined by location, because the location is related to access to transportation, public facilities, free from floods and so on.

Prepare the Fund

Potential buyers often ask questions about the costs that need to be incurred. For some people, especially ordinary people, the extra costs are often surprising because the money that needs to be spent is not small. Usually the developers will determine the nominal amount of the money sign. However, if you do not buy from a developer like from a secondary market, then the property seller can be able to determine how much money the sign is.

This sign is like the booking money of the house you are going to buy. You are required to settle the down payment if you wish to purchase property from Developer. As for property sold in the secondary market, banks will usually determine the amount of down payment to be paid to a direct seller that typically ranges from 20{d9c8c77f12c95687671df615a5bb6140566fd957667825f8d6f709d4330e8187} -50{d9c8c77f12c95687671df615a5bb6140566fd957667825f8d6f709d4330e8187}. The ideal installment is no more than a third of your income or you are with a partner.

Developer Verification

Although the name of the developer you’ve heard and often known bona fide and credible, there’s nothing wrong if you keep looking for information about the developer. Choose a developer who has at least been in the property world for at least 5 years. You need to check the developer’s track record, is it often too late to hand over? How about the quality of buildings in the previous housing? You can find out this information by searching for testimonials on the internet or through your relatives.