Garden decoration and its design require some gardening work combined with appropriate furniture choices. Everyone loves a beautiful garden with good lawns, plants and plenty of flowers. Using a variety of materials in a garden, you can have the desired effect, to give you the style you prefer. A cluster of trees or an amphora can delineate a space to sit and mark the boundaries of your garden. However, maintenance of a small or large garden is time-consuming and demanding in need of regular care.

Especially the appearance of a garden after winter is disheartening. Of course, this is logical since gardening is going through a second phase at that time.

Spring is considered to be the best time for decorating a garden and shaping it.

The spring months are by far the best period for our gardening work. We can comfortably design our garden, plant the flowers we want, the lawn and build our garden furniture. So in the summer, we will find our garden ready. Of course, the beginning is always done with flowers, plants, lawns, and trees. Planting, pruning, grooming, mowing, etc. are tasks that are necessary.

Flowers make our garden heavenly

The beauty and aromas that make the flowers turn the garden into something heavenly. Planting them in a simple way gives us the desired effect. In some cases, it would be necessary for an experienced gardener, who in addition to his quality work, may give us ideas to make our garden even more attractive. If you have walls or fences in your garden, do not despair, you can use them to support your climbing plants and flowers. This adds color and height to a garden. With proper design, these plants can soften sharp edges at corners, A building effect can be created in large areas, planting a mix of flowers and evergreen shrubs in pergolas.A rustic wooden fence looks perfect in a country house garden. If placed in the East, it will bring us luck and wealthiness.

The presence of water is very important in a  garden and is the key to attracting the positive and beneficial vibes. The various decorative elements with water are beautiful throughout the year as they are wringing, dripping, splashing, reflecting light and shadows in front of a background of luxurious plants or mysterious stones.

The location of water is elemental. Exquisite water decorations can be the central theme of a garden, but make sure it does not overshadow the rest of the garden.

Some areas are quite spacious only for small water decorations. Make sure the water circulates uninterruptedly. The natural-looking ponds are in harmony with the garden and should be filled with interesting aquatic plants.

If you have already placed a pond in your garden, you should take care to be well-kept with healthy plants and fish..Water that falls on stones like waterfall creates a very attractive effect.

The lawn

The creation and maintenance of the lawn is one of the most important aspects of garden design. A groomed lawn greatly enhances our space. Maintenance is needed: Regular cutting, Lubrication, Weeding, Scraping, Watering

Tree pruning

Cutting or pruning trees is a process that requires certain machines. Every gardener always has the necessary equipment, any useful indretning and the experience to do so. Automatic watering saves us time and effort.

It may be the gardener who will take the hardest jobs, but watering is something we can do for ourselves. Automatic irrigation solves our hands as it can give us even watering on trees, lawns, flowers, plants. Automatic watering is the ultimate indretning for every countryside house since it is impossible to be there constantly.We can choose between electric automatic water heaters or a battery powered indretning.

Garden furniture are the ones that shape the final garden decoration.

The best way to have what we want but also to save money is to describe what we want to a good carpenter and build it according to our wishes.

Necessary garden accessories: Garden furniture such as a large table and comfortable chairs, a swing, Hammock, sunbeds, umbrellas, especially during the summer and pillows of course.The table’s  choice though, is maybe the most important of all the furniture, because our garden is the best place for dining or just gathering with friends.So it has to be strong and as big as required.The carpenter can also add an indretning that makes the table bigger any time needed.

The appropriate lighting can give another feeling in the garden. A central lighting system of the whole space will make it easier to manipulate the places we want to illuminate and at the same time will make their operation fully safe.A simple indretning will give you the power needed with just a click.

Last but not least is the playground in a garden. Kids need a beautiful and safe place to play. They love to spend time outdoors, so it is smart to choose inflatable toys, a slide, and swings if there is a lot of space and place them in an area of the garden that will have been covered with sand or with a special carpet to avoid accidents. if there is a pool, it would be wise to place the playground near to it. If it does not exist, it would be an excellent choice to place a plastic or prefabricated pool that would make the children’s summer unforgettable.The remote pools are preferred due to their ability to be moved.

Finally, the garden fencing will not only ensure the safety of our space but will also make it beautiful. We can choose between wooden or steel fencing to cover all of the garden areas or you can make a rock fencing, wich is harder to be created but very impressing though.

Whatever you choose for your garden decoration, you should always keep in mind that the garden should be as pleasant place as our house.So the decoration needs to be done with a lot of creativity, with love and most of all with the prospective of the feeling that you are at home.