Getting the ground ready to plant energizes me.  At the first sign of spring, I’m ready to pull out my shears and spades and turn the earth over, dig down past the earthworms and bugs and put in some bushes.  I look forward to placing my order for cuttings from my favorite garden supply store and can’t wait to drop seeds gently into the soil.

Last year we had a bumper crop of vegetables that were shared with family and friends.  You can always tell when it’s peak season for tomatoes because everybody that’s been growing them starts to give them away.  I have a solution for that this year.  I’m going to throw a garden party. Not the white linen, canape sort with wait staff passing around trays of goodies and drinks.  No.  This year, I want my friends to come over and help me dig up the potatoes, then we’ll roast them over the fire and eat them.  Make salad from my lettuce and tomatoes and saute the snap beans right off the pole.  Instead of parceling out the bounty here and there, I’m going to invite them all over to my own private farmer’s market.  And just like farmers, we’re going to dig the stuff out of the ground to really appreciate the work that goes into growing it.

And I know just what to do to get ready for this shindig.  I’ll go online to the Groupon site and order a new wardrobe from my favorite store, 6:00pm.  I love the quality of their clothes and the wide selection they offer.  And by using a Groupon to make my purchases, I know I’ll save money on every item I buy, and will also get free shipping.  I’ve already shared this secret with my friends so they are Groupon shoppers too.  With over 80{d9c8c77f12c95687671df615a5bb6140566fd957667825f8d6f709d4330e8187} off shoes and more than 70{d9c8c77f12c95687671df615a5bb6140566fd957667825f8d6f709d4330e8187} off clearance items who could blame them.  It means more money to buy other things for the garden party.  And I can use my phone to place my order and have it shipped right to my door.  No searching all over the internet for companies I don’t know.  I can trust the merchants on Groupon and I’ve never had a problem with a return or missed deadline.

This year will be all about the garden party.  And it will start with 6:00pm.