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Factors to Consider in Choosing Kitchen Worktop Materials

part of a home has a focal point. When you go into the kitchen, your eyes may focus on different things, but one of the essential components of a kitchen is your worktops. The kitchen worktops endure much of the work you do in the kitchen, plus the area covered makes a significant impact on the overall scheme and layout of the space. In planning a new kitchen, or a remodel, you need to design worktops that are durable, yet stylish.

Materials used in building worktops are varied and cater to almost any budget. There are synthetic materials meant to mimic the toughness of natural materials, while some of the tried and tested options like granite and marble remain in vogue. Before choosing a material or design for your kitchen worktop, you need to consider the following.


Work within your budget

For some, this may not be an issue, but for others, it is essential to stay within the budget allotted. Therefore, when shopping around for materials, you need to keep yourself in check and browse items that fit the price point you can afford. Some worktop materials are cheaper than others. If you go for natural stone like granite, expect to pay a premium. Nonetheless, what you are getting is better quality. You can always compare granite worktops London suppliers sell to make sure that you are getting the best value for your investment.

Choosing the right worktop material

Aside from your budget, you also need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular worktop materials used today. Consider factors such as maintenance, toughness, and practicality. For example, if you have young children, you will want a worktop that is family-friendly and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy use.

Installation costs

 Even if a particular worktop material is cheap, there may be some additional costs involved with the installation, and this may significantly increase the overall price of your kitchen worktop. For example, most natural stone materials need templating to seal the surface once installed. Before buying your preferred worktop material, you need to add installation costs to your budget as well.

Your kitchen layout

 Perhaps one of the most significant factors to consider is your desired kitchen layout. Depending on the size and width of your worktops, you will need to calculate the cost per square metre so that you can work within your budget and still find the most suitable worktop material. If there are a lot of corners, you might want to think about using materials such as composite. On the other hand, it is easier to fit worktop materials over worktops with fewer corners and edges.

Another consideration is the depth of your worktop. The trend now is to use thicker edges of around 30mm. Although thinner edges are still quite popular today, it depends on the look you are going for and the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Again, the options are endless when it comes … Read More

Top ways to make the most of your garage

The days when the garage was used just to park your car are now gone. The modern garage is multi-functional and is used in so many creative, innovative ways to allow easier and more luxurious living in people’s homes.

There are so many ways in which you can make most out of your garage space, and depending on your requirements it can take a lot of thought and investment. But if well executed, a garage conversion has so many benefits, such as added value to your home and creating additional living space.

If your garage space is free and you’re wanting to make the most out of the space, here are a handful of ways you can do exactly that.

Games room

Whether you choose electronic games or traditional ones such as a pool or table tennis table is up to you. But use the space as an entertainment area, to have fun with the family and friends, and as an opportunity to get some brownie points from the kids – they will love this!

Are you stuck for what games to put in your games room? Here are the best PlayStation games for 2018 to give you a bit of inspiration.


A gym membership is expensive, so a great way of saving money while keeping fit is to use your garage space as a gym. It means you can skip the gym nerves, the journey to the gym and using machines covered in other people’s sweat. Now you don’t have an excuse to not get in to shape.

If you’re wanting to use the space for more than a few weights and want to completely convert your garage in to a home gym, then click here for some top tips on how to do exactly that.

Extra room

This option is particularly handy for the homeowners whose family is growing by the second. It gives you the opportunity to stay at your current home whilst adding additional living space, saving money and a lot of hassle.

Alternatively, you could set it aside as a guest room, which is available to family members when they come over to visit or you could rent it out as part of an Airbnb.

Home office

A garage is the perfect for a home office if you require one. This is down to the fact it isn’t attached (sometimes) to the home and it can still feel like you’re going away to do some work, meaning your work life and personal life are still two separate things – something a lot of people who work from home tend to struggle with.

The office can also be used as a space for the kids to go when they need to do homework.

Man/woman cave

This is our favourite. Your garage could be converted in to your very own man or woman cave – meaning you can do whatever your heart desires, whether it be a space for the lads to come over for the … Read More

Wood Flooring to Suit your Garden

You may think it is an area that is overlooked, however many individuals find it important to ensure the flooring in their house matches or at least coordinates with their garden. Most individuals do this by installing wood flooring or the cheaper alternative of laminate or vinyl.

But why does wood coordinate so well with gardens? Mainly because it is a natural product. Wood flooring is a great way of bringing nature indoors as the texture of wood feels great underfoot. Not only does it feel great, it also looks amazing. If you decide to choose a product with lots of knots and scars then it replicates the character of the great outdoors and applies this character to your home. It will allow your house to have a country style of home that will make all your visitors jealous.

Also if you are a traditional gardener then you will know what it is like to get very muddy. Unless you have an outdoor shower then you unfortunately run the risk of transporting dirt into the house. If you have wood flooring then this is not an issue. Wood flooring can be wiped clean with a slightly damp mop and will return back to its original state. Small stones can also risk damaging your floor as it may scratch the surface after being stuck in your gardening boots. However this is not an issue as you will be able to sand the area and refinish your floor. Also if you believe you are likely to scratch your floor then purchasing a brushed and oiled flooring is a great option as the scratches will simply blend into the floor.

This refinishing technique can be applied if you ever want or need to stain your floor. If you have an oiled floor then you are able to sand just one area of the floor, however if you have a lacquered floor then unfortunately you will have to sand and refinish the entire floor.  The benefit of sanding your entire floor is that you have the freedom to refinish the floor with any finish. So if you ever get bored or your current flooring shade then you can refinish the floor and obtain what feels like a completely new floor.

Gardens are also known for their decoration and the designs that can be created using beautiful flowers and flooring is no different. Parquet wood flooring is currently a huge trend across Europe that allows you to express your creative side when installing flooring. Parquet flooring is available in chevron and herringbone which allows you to create beautiful patterns. These patterns originated in French castles, so if you want to feel like a French king then parquet flooring is the floor for you.… Read More

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