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5 design trends for the bedroom you should follow over the coming year

New year, old problem — how to turn a drab bedroom into a fab bedroom. For 2019, why not make a resolution to have a bedroom that is super-stylish and clutter-free (which also means swapping out that tired bedroom set). After all, a stylishly designed bedroom may just alter your whole outlook for the year — and we’re here to give you some pointers on how to create the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Picture for a moment, waking up each day in a bedroom where you just can’t help but say, “Wow, I can’t believe this is my room.” As we turn over the new year, here’s a bedroom design mantra you might like to consider: Keep it stylish, keep it clutter-free, and make it stylish.

#1. Ditch the Clutter

Before we get into the latest bedroom furniture sets and all the stylish possibilities, we first have to start with what may be the easiest or hardest part of your bedroom re-design — ditching all those knick-knacks. Like, the online design website Brabbu recommends, we are ranking a clutter-free bedroom as our top 2019 design goal. Chances are, you have knick-knacks xand other odds and ends that have gone unnoticed and unappreciated for years. Why not store or donate these items? Out with the old and in with the new.

By keeping your bedroom clutter-free, you’ll also find it much easier to clean and keep it looking great. If you have a number of items that you’d like to keep in your bedroom, but still want the clutter-free look, you could consider getting a bedroom set that has a bed stand with a built-in storage panel.

#2. Keep it Simple

In these overstimulating times, keeping things simple, design-wise can seem like a revelation. Most of us are attracted to the simple living arrangements we see in magazines. But, when it comes to real life, we’re much better at adding decor items rather than subtracting them. A bedroom should be a place of tranquillity; not a place cluttered with odds and ends, laundry hampers, sports bags, old high school trophies, and — well, you get the picture. Keep it simple.

These days we are bombarded with stuff. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of relaxation where you can peacefully drift off to sleep and wake up refreshed. So, all you really need is a quality bedroom set, a nightstand, a light source, and maybe a dresser (if you don’t have a walk-in closet).

#3. Add Zero-Footprint Bedside Lighting

If you’ve ever stayed at a high-end hotel, chances are they had stylish bedside lights attached to an oversized headboard. This is not only convenient but also frees up some space on your nightstand for something like, say, a stack of books, which does not only serve as a design accent but also a great way to display and have access to your favorite reads. To make your bedside light even more “zero-footprint” you can also consider some of the many stylish LED … Read More

How to Get Top Dollar For Your Rental Property

Owning rental properties is arguably one of the best investments you can make. It’s easier to get loans for, it’s a commodity that’s always needed, and it’s a fairly predictable source of income. But what if you’re not earning as much as you could on your properties? What if you constantly have vacancies or can’t seem to get top dollar? If this is the case for you, there are a few things you can do to change it.

Be a good landlord

Your reputation as a landlord will precede you. So, if you want the best quality renters who will stick around, make sure you’re a good landlord. And you don’t have to be a pushover to get this done. Good renters understand their responsibilities and won’t often overstep their bounds. Half the battle of earning top dollar for your property is finding those quality tenants. And the other half is respecting them. To make sure you get renters who will take care of your property, pay the rent, and stick around, make sure you thoroughly screen all your applicants. You can install free landlord software to make your job easier. And don’t fail to check their references and set certain income and credit requirements.

Secondly, educate yourself on tenant rights in your state. For example, you can’t enter a renter’s property without permission in any state unless it’s an emergency. And every renter is entitled to a safe place to live. Certain repairs, such as plumbing, heating, and leaks should be addressed immediately.

Consider offering some amenities

Depending on the quality and location of your property, you may be able to offer some amenities to entice higher-paying renters. For example, if it’s located near the golf course in Basking Ridge, NJ, offer your tenants a membership with their lease agreement. Or you may be able to offer weekly or monthly cleaning services. The amenities you offer will depend on how much rent you are able to charge and if they don’t cut into your profits. But keep in mind that offering such amenities may also mean you can charge more rent.

Make some simple upgrades

It’s a popular saying among rentals that the kitchen sells the house; it goes without saying that the kitchen also rents the house. And while you probably shouldn’t invest too much money in your rental spaces, there are some simple upgrades that won’t cost a fortune. One change that makes a big difference is to swap out the cabinet hardware. This is one of the things that dates a kitchen. If it’s dated, look for more modern options. Look for simple, streamlined options in something like brushed nickel.

You might also consider having the cabinets painted, especially if they’re outdated. For example, if they are stained in an 80s honey oak, consider hiring someone to repaint them in a fresh new color. Do try to stay somewhat neutral, however, so that they don’t go out of style quickly. Grays and whites are … Read More

Leaving Pets Home Alone

homeI couldn’t kick off the vacations (it’s December already!!) without sharing some festive crimson appears to be like with you! I like to reuse as a lot as potential-I all the time get ice cream within the plastic oval tubs, they’re great for when I’ve to freeze things or store baked items because they have such a great seal. Icon Legacy has provided homes to more than 100 builders in 18 states alongside the japanese seaboard as well as our nation’s capital. A while ago, I was investigating Earthships – homes construct by filling tires with soil, another interesting technique for greener residing! We have got some special events and weddings this spring and summer time so I assumed I’d pull together a number of of my favorite clothes to share with you.

I used to be fairly lively and out locally for both my jobs and thru my kids, but enjoyed having my office in my home so I may work at night or within the wee hours of the morning if I wished to. Thanks for studying and commenting.

On the different finish of the scale, in more favoured areas akin to Fenham and Westerhope, spacious, attractive, indifferent and semi-indifferent homes are freely out there at nicely below £210,000. Some firms have an OK product, however they add that list of stuff, making it troublesome to compare costs to other comparable equipment homes. The difficulty is that the places where the cheap homes are are a nightmare to stay in. HOME additionally takes direct motion to assist first-time homebuyers and families with homes under the specter of foreclosures.

Go to (this hyperlink should take you directly to the pages) and seek for ‘modular homes.’ Then click on on the ‘filter’ button above the first video and choose ‘this week.’ Surprise….it’s 99{d9c8c77f12c95687671df615a5bb6140566fd957667825f8d6f709d4330e8187} manufactured housing. A welcome track is sung and within hours of taking part in, the brand new arrival(s) feel comfy enough to call this their new home and household. It goes to show that anybody who puts their attention to those easy upgrades can reap the rewards with a quick sale and a higher sales price. It’s so sad that a single mother can work 60 hours every week on minimal wage and still not come up with the money for to support herself and her kids. There are plenty of empty houses on the market, but when they’re too dear for folks, then new homes will be too.… Read More

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